Reminders of What Matters

In my comfy living room, I have a big screen TV. (Because I’m an American, and that’s what we do.) Above it, I have photos from some of my travels. I put them up because they mean more to me than some random pretty thing from a store. There’s one in particular I want to share with you. It’s from one of my early trips to Central America in the early 90’s. I honestly don’t remember which trip it is from, so it could have been from anywhere from Mexico through Honduras. I took these trips with Compassion International. I was working as a volunteer with them at the time. I went to see their work with children who were living in poverty in order to help me be a better advocate for children in need.
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Rwanda Mission Trip

I recently returned from my first trip to Africa. I spent about ten days in Rwanda, performing mostly in churches in Kigali, the capital city.

In Rwanda, there is a strong influence by witch doctors. So, much of my programing revolved around teaching about the difference between the genuine and imitation supernatural.

While I was there, I did have some time for a little sight-seeing as well. I visited Akagera National park, and got to see some African animals in the wild. I also visited a number of memorials to the Rwandan genocide. In 1994 over the course of about 100 days, between 800,000 and 1,000,000 people were killed. It was a sobering reminder of the depravity of the human race, and why we are all in need a savior.

Photos from the Philippines

I’m back home in the US. It was a great trip. I traveled throughout much of the Philippines performing at the Missionaries to Asia national conference, regional youth camps, community outreach events and more.

My camera ran into “technical difficulties” part way through my trip. Most of my photos and video from the trip are currently inaccessible until I get it fixed. Here are a few photos I can access. Click on the thumbnail images to see the full picture.

Mindanao Youth Camp I performed for several youth camps in different regions of the Philippines. Here is the group photo from the camp in Mindanao.

MTA National ConferenceI also performed at the Missionaries to Asia national conference. Pastors and leaders from across the country gathered for this event.

MTA GraduationThe conference included the graduation ceremony for their bible schools. Missionaries to Asia has five bible schools in different regions of the country.

KidsI performed at numerous community outreach events near MTA’s churches. Here a group of kids pose for the camera after one of these events.

Music at Outreach EventOne of the local leaders who led the kids in singing at some of the children’s outreach events.

Outreach EventHere are some kids in one of the communities where we held an event.

More From The Philippines

I wrapped up the Misionaries to Asia national conference last week. It was great to work with the pastors from all across the country.

This week, I have been doing children’s outreach events in neighborhoods around Cebu. Next week, I’ll be doing more youth camps. The next one will be held near the beach here in the Visayas district. After that, I’ll be doing two more youth camps on different islands beore returning home.

Philippines, Week Two

Since my last update, I’ve traveled to the island of Mindinao where I did another youth camp.This one was larger, with several hundred youth in attendence. I also did a couple more evengalestic children’s programs and a church service there.

I am currently at the Misionaries to Asia national conference at Cebu. This mornings services are about to begin,so I have to run. I’ll provide more details when I get a chance.

God is working here in the Philippines, and I am glad to be able to take a small part in it.

Update From the Philippines

I’ve been in the Philippines a little less than a week. I am working in partnership with “Missionaries to Asia.” I arrived in Manilla last Thursday morning. My first program was that afternoon in the nearby city of Antipollo. I didn’t even have time to shower before my first performance at a Christian Leadership youth camp. I performed four times over the course of two days.

From there I flew to Cebu. I did evangelistic outreach events at two churches. 

Tomorrow, I’ll head out for Mindanao for another youth camp.  I’ll post another update the next time I’m around a computer.

Overseas Mission Trips

It has been an honor for me to partner with Christians around the world to present the Gospel through my performances. This year, I’ll be returning to the Philippines. This time, I’ll be spending about six weeks there, mostly working at youth camps and retreats.

I wish I was able to take advantage of more opportunities for overseas work. Unfortunately I am limited by finances, both from the costs associated with the trips and the lost income from the paid US performances I have to turn down while I’m away. The opportunities I had to turn down this year include tours in England and India.

I am extremely thankful to be able to travel on trips like these. I really appreciate those of you who are helping with this work by bringing me to your events.

Philippines Trip 2007

Last year, I spent nearly two weeks performing in the Philippines. This spring, I’ll be returning for a longer trip. I’ll be staying about six weeks, partnering with Missionaries to Asia.

I’ll be performing at a national conference on the island of Cebu. I also will travel across the country performing at youth camps.

This will be my longest overseas trip. My previous record was the three weeks I spent in India in 2001.

I’m Back From The Philippines

Kids in the PhilippinesI’m back from my missions trip to the Philippines. Here’s a brief overview of the trip. I was there working with “Missionaries To Asia.” They operate several Bible Schools across the country, and are planting eight to ten new churches each year.

Catamaran used to travel between islandsWe traveled by catamaran to several islands to dedicate new church buildings. It was really fun sailing around the Pacific. Well, it was fun until we hit the ten to twelve foot waves. We did make it to the islands of Hilantagon and Lepyron for church dedications.

We were scheduled to be at a regional conference on the island of Mindinao. Unfortunately, the weather made it impossible for us to make it to that island. So, the conference was moved to Cebu. Many pastors were able to attend the relocated conference. In the evening, there were evangelistic outreach events.

Brad performs at a Philippine churchThe events went well. I’ve been asked to return for an extended period next year. They want me to stay for two months to perform for their youth camps across the country, as well as attending their national conference. I’m seriously considering their invitation. I’m sure I can raise the funds for the trip, but the idea of two months of lost income from programs in the U.S. is more than a little scary. We’ll see how things work out.

My Last Hot Dog, Maybe

Just a quick note, as I’m about to leave, again…

I just wrapped up summer camp season with a week at Camp Cotubic in Bellefountaine, OH. This was my sixth camp this summer. I really enjoyed all the camps, but I’m glad to be done with them for a while.

In a few hours, I’ll be leaving for the Philippines. I’ll be working with a missionary there at a Pastor’s Conference, among other things. For my last American meal, not counting airport food, I went to Skyline for a 3-way and a Cheese Coney. As I was eating my Coney, I thought to myself that this could be my last hot dog for a while. Then it occurs to me that that might not be true. I may eat “hot dog” in the Philippines, but it won’t be the same thing.

Your prayers for this trip are appreciated. As long as you’re praying, please also pray for my Pastor’s father, Jim Crigger. He is having very serious health issues.

Anyway, I’ll post an update here about the trip whenever I can. I may get a chance while I’m there. If not, I’ll post an update when I get back.