“Christian Magician” or “Christian Illusionist”?

Brad Brown: Christian Magician or Christian Illusionist?

As I travel across the country performing for churches and other Christian organizations, I am often asked whether I am a “Christian Magician” or a “Christian Illusionist.” And, for that matter, what’s the difference?

The short answer is that it is more accurate to refer to me as a magician. The longer answer is a bit more complicated. Continue reading ““Christian Magician” or “Christian Illusionist”?”

Christmas is Coming!

The cultural juggernaut that is Christmas is coming! Can I be honest with you? There’s a lot about Christmas that I really don’t like. There, I said it.

Overwhelmed man wrapping giftsI don’t like the stress and traffic. I really don’t like the display of consumerism and greed. I don’t like that people feel compelled to spend money they don’t have to buy people stuff they don’t need. I don’t like that people are made to feel like a failure if they can’t deliver a Christmas experience that rivals any Norman Rockwell illustration. And I really, really don’t like that in a holiday that’s ostensibly all about Jesus, he typically takes last place.
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God’s Big Story

Genesis 1:1

A generation or two ago, pretty much everyone in our culture was at least familiar with the basics of Christianity. People understood basic Christian concepts like truth, sin, and God and Jesus. You could simply tell people about Jesus, because they already had the background to understand. That’s no longer the case.

Sadly, it appears to me that even in the church, there are a growing number of Christians who have a very limited understanding of what the Bible really teaches. Kid’s ministries tend to just teach random Bible stories. Kids hear stories like David and Goliath, Noah and the Ark, Sampson and Delilah, and Daniel in the Lion’s Den, but they aren’t taught how these stories fit together or what they have to do with “real life.”
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The Magic of Christmas

‘Tis the season to be amazed with the wonder of Christmas. The 2010 version of my Magical Christmas Program is ready to be unveiled. In addition to some of my most sought after routines, there are also special Christmas-themed additions that are only available this time of year.

The Christmas season is fast approaching. So contact us now, because dates are obviously very limited.

Christian Character Development

I will soon be debuting my new series of programs on Christian character development. I’ll be performing this series this summer at camps and VBS’s in Florida, North Carolina, Nebraska, Iowa, Georgia and Ohio.

The programs focus on character traits including Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship. I developed this series based on my training with the Josephson Institute, the organization behind CHARACTER COUNTS!, the character education program used by many schools.

The Magic of Character

A few months ago, I wrote about the Character Development Seminar I took in preparation for putting together an effective character education school assembly program. Well, after a lot of work, things are starting to come together. My new school assembly website is now available. There’s more that needs to be added, but the basics are there.

I’ve been putting together the props I’ll need for the new routines. I’ll be debuting the new program next year.