December Update

The Christmas season is in full swing. This week included performances in Troy and Wooster, Ohio. One was a causal worship service, and the other was a banquet for Salvation Army supporters.

I am also beginning to prepare for my next overseas tour, which is just weeks away. I’ll be spending about two weeks in India, working in partnership with Ministry Arts for Global Impact and Southeast Asia Campus Crusade for Christ.

First Christmas Party of the Year

This past weekend I did a Christmas party for a Salvation Army group in the Cleveland area. This was a celebration for the leaders in the Northeast Ohio area. (I really like the Salvation Army. Most denominations are known for their style of worship or theological perspective. I don’t think most people even realize that the Salvation Army is a denomination. They’re just thought of as a group that helps people in need. All in all, that’s not a bad reputation for a group of Christians to have.)

Anyway, the event went well. I just got some feedback from one of the event organizers. She said “Thanks for a wonderful performance. You helped make our party great!”

Tricks and Treats in October

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any new news. That usually means either nothing newsworthy is happening or, more often, I’ve been too busy to write down what’s been happening. This has definitely been the latter.

Early in the month, I was in a play at my home church. Nothing “magical” about it, but it was a great outreach event. I enjoyed the opportunity to be able to collaborate with others on stage. It’s usually just me in my one-man programs. (Someday I’ll be able to afford a “lovely assistant” in my magic programs, but that’s another story.)

A few highlights of the month were an outreach event at a nearby youth correctional facility, and Halloween alternative events at churches in Iowa and Michigan. I just received some feedback from the Iowa programs. Kimberly said, “Thank you for all your work at our Great Pumpkin Party. It was a big hit. We had approx. 3,000 come through the door. Your presentation has always been a highlight for the event.”

Brad Accepted Into National Speakers Association

The National Speakers Association, the leading organization for experts who speak professionally, recently accepted Brad as a professional member of the Association.

To become an NSA member, Brad had to provide documentation of his professional speaking experience and agree to a strict code of ethics.

NSA currently has more than 4,100 members in 23 countries.

Rave Reviews from Michigan

Just received feedback from someone who sponsored a program in Michigan last weekend, which just happened to be on Brad’s birthday. This was a community outreach event, featuring Brad and Glorybound, a Gospel singing group.

Here are a few of the comments from the pastor. “It was even better than I expected, and I have to say I was expecting it to be good. Brad gave a clear, but simple, Gospel message in the program. He kept everyone’s attention and there were many great comments afterwards, in particular from our visitors. We would definitely have him back.”

New Website

The new website is finally ready!

Use the feedback form to let us know what you think. Helpful comments are always appreciated.

Latin Festival in KY and Community Outreach in OH

Brad had the opportunity to participate in several great programs this weekend.

Saturday, he worked at an outreach for his home church’s Hispanic ministry. For three or four hours, he worked at the Latin Festival making balloon animals for the kids.

Sunday, he went up to Waynesville, OH to participate in another church’s community outreach. This time it was a pig roast. He did a magic program with an evangelistic emphasis. The program received rave reviews, and the event was considered a huge success by the church.

Brad’s An Associate of MAGI

Brad is now an associate of MAGI, Ministry Arts for Global Impact. MAGI is “an international, non-profit ministry that partners with the local church around the world in reaching the unreached in their communities through the strategic mobilization of Christian Presenters.”

For several years, He has toured in Southeast Asia in association with MAGI. He is tentatively scheduled to return to Southeast Asia in January 2005.

For more information on MAGI, go to (Especially if you are a speaker or performer who would be interested in participating in overseas ministry opportunities.)