One Week US Tour

I just completed a one-week mini US tour.

I started off by flying to Nashville with a layover in Miami. (I’m not sure why you have to go to Miami to get from Cincinnati to Nashville. Apparently this makes sense using “airline logic”.) I drove from Nashville to Murray for an Upward Soccer event.

After that I returned to Nashville, where I had a free day. I got to met up with another magician I know there, BJ Harris.

Then, I flew to San Francisco where I did a couple of kids programs at a family camp.

Finally, I took the red-eye back so I could drive to Blufton, IN for another Upward event.

Now I get to sleep! I’ve got a few days off before my next program. Later this month, I’ll be doing another mini-US tour. This next one will take me to California, Alaska, and Wisconsin.

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