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Sometimes I think about stuff. And sometimes I write down the stuff I’m thinking about. If you’re interested in my random thoughts, you’re in the right place! And if you, too, sometimes like thinking and writing, I’d love for you to comment with your thoughts.

Laptop with Video Editing Software

Video Production for Ministry

If you’re in ministry, no matter what your job description was a few weeks ago, now you’re probably a video producer. As an entertainer, I work a lot with video. I prefer to work with professionals in...

Easter Magic Video Frame

Easter Magic

I hope you’re Easter is going well, under the circumstances. Here’s a new magic video, demonstrating my magical superpower, anti-mindreading! A mindreader can tell what other people are thinking. As...

Sign shaped like a question mark

Know Your "Why"

I partner with churches across the country for all sorts of events. One critical factor for creating a successful event is defining what success looks like. It sounds obvious, but I’ve discovered that...

App icons on a phone screen

Facebook Login from a Standalone PWA

I’m a computer nerd. Formerly a professional one. I still use my programming skills in my magic. I wrote my show control software, and do several routines that involve custom programming. Occasionally...

American Flag

A Brief Political Post

I don’t generally get into politics here, but in light of this current election season, I thought I’d make an exception. In looking at all the turmoil on social media, Psalms 20:7 came to mind. Some...