Magical Programs for Christian Events

In his years traveling across the country and around the world, Brad gained extensive experience performing in a wide variety of situations.

He has entertained every age group imaginable, from preschoolers to senior citizens. He performed his Christian magic programs in venues as diverse as theaters, churches, prisons, and even fields in third world countries. He as also presented live magic online. So, he provides programs to meet a variety of goals, including evangelism, education, and just fun entertainment.

Don’t see what you need on the menu of Brad’s “standard” programs? No problem! Brad can customize a program to meet your specific needs.

Tell us about your event and we’ll discuss the possibilities. If Brad isn’t a good fit for your event, we’ll tell you.

Adult and Family Programming

Not just for kids, grown-ups are engaged and entertained as well. Brad’s one-man Christian magic program could be the perfect program for your next conference, banquet, or family outreach event.

Brad’s one-man stage show is the perfect program for adult and family events. He combines his side-splitting humor and mind-blowing magic to present an uplifting message.

No silly childish magic here. (OK, there’s still plenty of silliness, but it’s designed to reignite childlike wonder in adults.) Brad keeps adults engaged through his humor and magic. For multi-generational family events, he will present a program that will keep all ages laughing and actively participating in making the magic happen.

The message in the Christian magic program can be adjusted to meet a variety of needs, including:

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Youth Events

Brad’s amazing magic and off-beat sense of humor enable him to connect with teens and young adults. Once he has established a relationship with the audience, he can present a message in a meaningful way. The program can be outreach-oriented, present a Christian message, or be just for fun.

Brad has partnered with churches and Christian organizations across the country for events including youth camps, conferences, after-proms, state youth correctional facilities and more.

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Christian Magic Programs for Children

Kids love Brad! He has the ability to use magic to capture their imagination and present gospel truth. Children laugh, clap, and are actively involved in the program.

Brad provides programming to accomplish many different purposes, including entertainment, evangelism, and Christian education. He even has a public school friendly character education program. Visit Brad’s school website for more information.

Camps and Vacation Bible Schools

Brad isn’t limited to a single performance. He has enough material for multi-day events like camps, conferences, crusades and Vacation Bible Schools. He performs at camps with as many as ten different sessions with the kids during the course of a week.

Camp directors appreciate Brad’s level with involvement with the kids outside his performances. He eats with the kids, and spends time with them during recreation, crafts, and other activities. He shows kids that they are important and valued by spending time with them.

Upward™ Award Night Programs

Christian entertainer Brad Brown has been doing Upward™ Award Night programs for years, and he understands the entertainer’s role in making the event a success. Both adults and kids will laugh and be amazed. Most importantly they will all hear a clear, simple, effective presentation of the Gospel. Visit Brad’s Upward™ page for more details.

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