Christian Magician Brad Brown: Bring the Wonder!

Brad Brown is an internationally known Christian magician. He also has a heart for ministry. So, he combines his side-splitting comedy and mind-blowing magic to engage and entertain audiences while clearly presenting gospel truth.

His programs can include anything from sleight of hand to mind reading, levitation, making objects appear or disappear, card magic, or most any impossible thing you can imagine. It’s all presented with Brad’s unique sense of humor, creating an experience that goes beyond mere “magic tricks.”

Based out of Northern Kentucky, he has toured venues across the country and around the world delighting crowds with his magic shows. Now you can bring this inspirational fun to your church, camp, conference, or other Christian organization.

Why Partner with Brad for Your Event?

Brad’s Focus on Biblical Truth

More than just a magic show, Brad’s programs have a deeper purpose. Of course, the amount and depth of the message depends on the needs of your event. Some performances may not have any explicit message at all.

Brad has a master’s degree in Theology from Liberty University.  He is careful to endure that any message is biblically sound, and is presented in a clear, simple, age-appropriate manner.

Brad’s Focus on Quality

Brad is a performer who strives for quality in his presentations. His programs are fun, amazing, mind blowing experiences that people of all ages can enjoy. (He works with everyone from preschoolers to senior citizens, and everything in between.) Everyone in the crowd will laugh, have a good time, and be glad they came. There is a lot of audience participation

Brad Makes it Easy for You!

Brad does what it takes to meet the unique needs of your event, whether you need a stage show, or something more intimate. He also works hard to make it as easy as possible for you to host the event. This includes everything from making the initial arrangements through promoting the event to the program itself.

Let’s Talk About Your Event

Brad partners with churches and other organizations all across the country. Talk to us about what we can do together.

He appeals to every age group that I've ever seen him with, and that goes from one end of the spectrum to another.

Pastor Terry Crigger

Learn More About Brad’s Ministry through Magic

Churches, camps, conferences and other Christian organizations across the country and around the world have partnered with Christian magician Brad Brown to draw in people for entertainment, laughter and inspiration. Watch this demonstration video to learn more about Brad and what you can do together.

If anyone needs a night of refreshing and entertaining magic with a focus on Christ, please give Brad a call! You won’t regret it!

Tony Jones

Types of Christian Magic Programs

Over the years, Brad has developed countless routines for many different situations. He’s ready to customize a Christian magic program around your needs. He regularly works with many kinds of Christian organizations large and small, including:

  • churches
  • schools
  • camps
  • conferences
  • retreats
  • banquets
  • felowships
  • fundraisers
  • and more…

So, he’s ready to customize a program to meet your unique goals, whether you’re looking for evangelism, inspiration, education, or just pure entertainment. Use the links below to learn more about Brad’s programs, or contact us for booking information or to discuss what we can do together.

Common Program Options

Brad presented the gospel in a very clear way and wove his magic together so it was neat to hear.

Victoria Weaver

So, what is a Christian Magician, anyway?

Glad you asked! Theatrical magic is defined as “the art of using natural causes, whose operation is secret, to produce surprising results.” So, a magician is an entertainer who utilizes physics, chemistry, psychology, misdirection and so forth to engage audiences and produce a sense of wonder.

A “Christian magician” simply uses this art form as a tool for ministry. This can look very different from one show to the next, though. Depending on the needs of the event, this could mean presenting the Gospel, illustrating a biblical message, or just providing good squeaky clean fun.

What’s the difference between a Christian Magician and a Christian Illusionist?

Your group will likely call him amazing, fun, and hilarious.

In the field of magic or illusion, the term illusionist refers to an entertainer who uses his talents to present large effects, generally involving people or large animals. However, in common usage, most people tend to use magician and illusionist interchangeably.

Technically, Christian magician is the more correct term for much of what Brad does, though some routines could be considered illusions. What’s important is Brad’s ability to engage and entertain audiences small or large, while sharing the love of Jesus. So, whether you call Brad a “Christian Magician” or a “Christian Illusionist” before the event, in the end, your group will likely call him amazing, fun, and hilarious.