Mini US Tour # 2

I’m back from another mini US tour. This one started on October 29th at Southpointe Christian Center in Sacramento, CA.

I performed for their Harvest Faire. It was a big event, with carnival games, inflatable attractions, food, and entertainment. The weather was great, and I even got a little bit of a sunburn.

After the event, I went to the airport to leave the California sunshine and head to Alaska. Unfortunately, my plane didn’t make it off the ground. They had to abort take off due to mechanical problems. So, instead of getting to Alaska that evening, I had to spend the night flying from Sacramento to Las Vegas to Seattle and finally arriving in Anchorage the next morning. I was able to get a nap at the hotel before the event that afternoon.

This event was another Harvest festival, but unlike the one in Sacramento, this one was indoors. (They had just had their first snow.) Alaska was beautiful, but I didn’t have time for sight-seeing. I had to take the red-eye out that evening. Thanks to the mechanical trouble delaying my arrival, I spent less than a day in Alaska.

The next event was in La Crosse, Wisconsin on the first. This was an All Saints day event at Blessed Sacrament School. I went straight from the airport to the school. By this point, I was tired, and it was a pretty long program for an elementary school audience, 75 minutes. I made it through, and the kids loved the show.

Now I’ve got a little time off to recover, and at this point I need it.

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