I’m Back From The Philippines

Kids in the Philippines

I’m back from my missions trip to the Philippines. Here’s a brief overview of the trip. I was there working with “Missionaries To Asia.” They operate several Bible Schools across the country, and are planting eight to ten new churches each year.

Catamaran used to travel between islands

We traveled by catamaran to several islands to dedicate new church buildings. It was really fun sailing around the Pacific. Well, it was fun until we hit the ten to twelve foot waves. We did make it to the islands of Hilantagon and Lepyron for church dedications.

We were scheduled to be at a regional conference on the island of Mindinao. Unfortunately, the weather made it impossible for us to make it to that island. So, the conference was moved to Cebu. Many pastors were able to attend the relocated conference. In the evening, there were evangelistic outreach events.

Brad performs at a Philippine church

The events went well. I’ve been asked to return for an extended period next year. They want me to stay for two months to perform for their youth camps across the country, as well as attending their national conference. I’m seriously considering their invitation. I’m sure I can raise the funds for the trip, but the idea of two months of lost income from programs in the U.S. is more than a little scary. We’ll see how things work out.

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