Rattle Box

This object lesson teaches us to trust God when making choices in life.


The magician displays three small boxes. One is full of paper clips, and the other two are empty. The boxes are mixed up, and the audience tries to guess where the full box is, but they are always wrong.


You’ll need four identical paper clip boxes. Three are empty, and the fourth has some paper clips in it. The boxes should be taped shut. The box with paper clips is attached to your arm with a rubber band. This is hidden under your sleeve.

You can use small match boxes and matches instead, if you prefer.


Display the three (empty) boxes. Shake one of the boxes with your right hand. The rattling sound from the box in your sleeve will make it seem that the box is full. Shake the other two boxes with your left hand to show they are empty.

Mix the boxes and have an audience member try to guess where the full box is. Shake their selected box with your left hand to show they’re wrong. Shake one of the other boxes to show where the full box really is. This can be repeated several times.



We all have to make choices every day. If we rely only on ourselves, we may make the wrong choice. God knows everything, and he is willing to help us make the right choice.

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