Back Touring The US

I had just a little time to recover from my Philippines trip before continuing with shows here in the US. Here’s a brief summary…

  • First, I was off to Loveland, Colorado for a Family Dinner Comedy Night event.
  • Next, I was off to¬†northern California. I did the children’s programs for Crescent City Foursquare 75th anniversary.
  • I went straight from California to travel across Arizona to be the motivational speakers for the three regional conferences of the Arizona Association of Student Councils.
  • Then I went to Northeast Ohio to perform at the dedication event for Wildare United Methodist Church’s new building.¬†
  • Finally, I went to Piqua in Central Ohio to partner with the Salvation Army for four performances at an outreach event.

It’s been a busy time. I’ve now got a little time off. Next I’ll be off to Illinois followed by multiple programs across Kentucky.

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