Coast-to-Coast Halloween Tour

I just completed a coast-to-coast tour, in less than a week.

It all began Saturday at Christian Worship Center in Barrington, New Hampshire for their Un-Halloween Party. This is a church of about 200 people, and they had around 2,000 people come through their event. I did multiple programs during the evening. Everyone was invited back for church the next day, where I performed again and presented the Gospel.

Monday I was back home in Kentucky. I did two programs for the kids at a local Head Start. This was done through my church, Christ’s Chapel. This is in a community has been the focus of an ongoing outreach program for the past several months. This wasn’t a situation where it was appropriate to do any sort of Gospel presentation, but it was an opportunity to build more relationships in the community.

Wednesday I performed at Harvest Time Assembly in Brentwood, California. They were having a Harvest Festival. Usually, I don’t think it’s a good idea to schedule an outreach event that competes with Trick-or-Treating. However, in this community, it worked well. Due to concerns about gang violence, many people don’t want their kids going door-to-door.  This church of about 300 people had an estimated 1,500 people at the community event. I did four performances on an outdoor stage.

It is great to work with churches who really understand that it’s not all about them.

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