Make Music Videos of Your Ministries

It’s common for churches and other ministries to use video to promote future events or to show past events. The problem is, they take a loooong time to to make, and many churches don’t have either the skills or equipment to do it well. I just came across a website that creates these videos for you.

You just upload your photos and music, and they do the rest. Their software analyzes your music and customizes the video to match. It is free for thirty second videos, though you can’t download these free ones. If you want longer ones, you have to either pay for a membership or pay a fee per video, but their rates seem pretty reasonable.

Here’s a sample video I threw together with a few missions photos and some music I had on hand.

I can see a lot of uses for this in ministry. It would be a great way to create really impressive promotional videos, camp videos, and Upward Basketball slide shows, just to name a few. If it looks lie something you could use, visit and check it out.

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