Magic is not Ministry

I do magic, but magic is not ministry. That may sound strange coming from someone with a “magic ministry,” but it’s true. Ministry happens when there is a connection between people where needs are met. Magic can facilitate that, but it isn’t ministry in itself. To make an analogy, a hammer isn’t construction, it’s just a tool. However, when used properly, a hammer is an important tool in doing construction. Similarly, magic is one tool in the “ministry toolbox.” So, when might magic be the right tool for the job?

When You Want to Draw a Crowd

Magic is very popular right now. There are magic related programs on television, and plenty of live magic shows. You can use that popularity to draw people to your church or event. Of course, it’s not as simple as scheduling an event and waiting for the throngs of people to show up. You still need to build a team to advertise, promote and spread the word. But properly done, a magic event can effectively draw a crowd.

When You Want a Non Threatening Way to Connect with People

Church can be scary. Magic shows can help put people at ease, and allow them to lower their guard. As they are enjoying the program, audiences get to know the magician. They can come to like and even trust the performer. This can facilitate people’s introduction to your church. By proxy, it can help people come to see your church as a safe place to connect.

Magic can even help churches reach into places like schools. Some churches invite me in to do character education programs in schools during the day, and evangelistic outreach events in the evening.

When You Want to Clearly Present a Message

Magic can be a great way to clearly present a message. For years, corporations have hired magicians to communicate their message at employee events and trade shows. Schools bring in magicians to communicate messages like character education, bullying, and encouraging reading. The church can use a similar approach. Often, churches bring me in to share the gospel. Magical object lessons can be a great way to communicate in a clear, memorable way. Clearly not every event is appropriate for a formal invitation or altar call. But magic can be a tool to get people the facts they need to consider taking the next step toward God. Evangelism is just one example of the types of messages that can be presented. If you have a message you’re trying to communicate, maybe I can help!

When You Want to Have Fun

Fun doesn’t sound like ministry, but it can be. I certainly wouldn’t put it on the same level as something like evangelism, but it still can be ministry. Many times, I’ve had someone come up to me after an event and tell me something like “Thanks for making me laugh. I really needed that.” Life can be hard, sometimes. A bit of fun and escapism can help us find relief and an opportunity to see past the struggles of the moment.

My primary calling is to come alongside the local church and assist them in fulfilling their vision. If your church could use what I do as a tool for the ministry you have been called to, let me know. I’d love to help!

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