Ministry in the Time of COVID-19

COVID-19 has made it much more challenging to do ministry work. In a world of lockdowns and social distancing, we need to be creative in how we reach people. I want to help.

Meeting Needs

Proverbs 17:22 tells us, “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”

The current crisis is crushing a lot of people’s spirits. Giving people a chance to forget their problems for a moment so they can relax and laugh can be a huge help.

My magic events can be a great tool to accomplish that. Many times, I’ve had people comeup to me after one of my events and tell me something like, “Thanks for making me laugh. I needed that.”

Don’t underestimate the value of providing people a break from their circumstances.

Of course, we Christians also have the world’s most important message to share. Magic events can be a great way to comunicate biblical truth.

Different events have different goals. Not every event needs to have a strong message. Sometimes, you just want to start building relationships. There are you do want to present a strong message with an opportunity to respond. Many events are somewhere in between. I can help you communicate the appropriate message to meet your specific goals for your event.

I have a master’s degree in theology, and work hard to be able to accurately communicate spiritual truth in a clear, age-appropriate manner.

Reaching People

Virtual Online Ministry

Until we can physically get together “IRL,”" we need to find ways to reach people where they are. That’s why I’m providing virtual streaming events. I can stream a live program to your event or your group’s homes. It can be a private event, or be open to the public through you Facebook page or church website.

“Virtual” is more than just a stop-gap measure. Even after we can gather together again, I believe we’ll continue using new online methods to connect and communicate. Of course, virtual isn’t a replacement for getting together in person, but it does provide important additional tools for ministry.

Socially Distanced In-Peson Events

When we can gather together again, there will be changes, especially in the short term. We’ll need to adapt to meet legal requirements and keep people safe and comfortable. My in-person events are adapting to meet these requirements.

I can present performances that include plenty of audience participation, but no physical contact or close proximity. This ensures your group remains safe and comfortable, while being engaged, involved, and having a good time.

In order to accommodate larger audiences while social distancing, I can do multiple performances for smaller groups rather than a single performance for everyone at once.

Learn more about my in-person events.

Let’s Talk

Contact us to talk about what we can do together.

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