The Prediction

This mind reading magical object lesson can be used to teach that only God knows the future, or that God knows everything about us, and loves us anyway. (Or you can do it just for fun.)


Three different colored cards are displayed. An audience member freely chooses any card. The magician reveals a prediction that correctly identifies the card that was chosen.


You’ll need an envelope and three different colored cards. You can cut three cards out of different colored construction paper, red, yellow, and blue. On the back of the red card, write “You will choose RED” On the back of the envelope, write “You will choose Yellow”. Finally, on a slip of paper, write “You will choose Blue”. Place all three cards and the slip of paper in the envelope.

Instead of using colored cards, you can use cards with numbers, pictures, letters, or whatever.


Remove the three cards from the envelope. (Be sure to hold the envelope so the prediction on the back can’t be seen.) Ask a volunteer so choose one card. After they have made their selection, tell them you knew what they were going to choose before they did. To prove it, reveal your prediction.

If they chose red, tell them to turn all the cards over, revealing your prediction on only the card they chose.

If they chose yellow, turn over the envelope to reveal the prediction.

If they chose blue, hold the envelope, keeping the prediction on the back out of sight, and ask the volunteer to reach into the envelope and get your prediction.


Only God Knows the Future

There are many people who claim to have the power to foretell the future. Only God really knows what the future holds. It’s important that we turn to God to know how to live our lives, and not so-called “psychics.”

God Knows Everything about Us

After the prediction, share that God knows every choice we make, both good and bad. God knows everything there is to know about us, and he still loves us. His love for us is unconditional.

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