Torn and Restored Paper

This torn and restored magical object lesson has multiple applications. It can be used to discuss either the bible or sin. (Actually there are many more possibilities. Just use your imagination.)


Magician tears a strip of paper into pieces and magically restores it.


Cut two strips of paper approximately two-and-a-half by eight-and-a-half inches. Using a small drop of glue about 1 inch from the end, glue the strips back-to-back. After the glue dries, fold one of the strips into a small packet, as shown below. (Be sure to fold it in on all four sides, to keep it from showing when the strip is shown from the front.)



Display the piece of paper, keeping the extra packet hidden at the back. Tear the strip into pieces a couple of inches long, keeping the extra packet at the back. Fold the torn pieces together into a packet, similar to the hidden packet. In the process of folding up the torn pieces, turn the packet around, so the whole piece is toward the front, and the torn pieces at the back. Blow on the packet, as if you’re making the magic happen, and unfold the whole strip.


The Bible

For this application, write the word “BIBLE” on both strips when setting it up.

Begin by talking about the Bible as God’s Word. Display the strip with the word “BIBLE”. Tear the strip apart letter by letter while talking about the parts of the Bible that we don’t like, like the passage about obeying parents. But, the whole Bible is God’s Word. If we’re going to have the abundant life God wants us to have, it’s important that we obey all of God’s Word. Restore the strip.

Sin and Restoration

Talk about what sin is. When we sin, sin hurts us, sometimes sin hurts people around us, and our sin always hurts God. Tear up the strip, to illustrate how sin destroys our lives. Share how Jesus died to take our punishment so we could live and restore the strip.

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