First Upward Event of the Year

I just completed my first Upward Award Night of the year. This event was held in Dover, TN. We had a gymnasium full of families present. This is the first of many of these events I’ll be doing over the next several months.

In case you don’t understand my enthusiasm for Upward, check out this excerpt from an email I just received.

This is our first year to host Upward and we had an amazing response. We closed our registration because we ran out of gym time. We have 262 children in our league and only 81 of them go to our church. We have our gym scheduled for the Awards Night and we plan on setting up 600 chairs.

We are very excited about how God is going to use this ministry in our church and our community! I will be talking with you later as we get closer to time to plan and discuss the Awards Night.

Upward is an amazing program, both as an outreach and a way to get church members involved in ministry. If you aren’t familiar with Upward, you should learn more.

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